About Us

Click2Recharge represents a paradigm shift in the distribution of prepaid products and services. The telecommunications industry seeks to deliver their respective products efficiently, and cost effectively.Historically telecom has been a high volume low margin business with consistently reduced profits. Recently consumer demands for industry improvements and even lower prices have set the stage for major operating and distribution challenges. Click2Recharge has endeavored to resolve these concerns while adding value as a distributor to the Retail marketplace. more details

  • Claro
    Claro (El Salvador)
    Claro - El Salvador - Sextuple (6x) Balance - June 6
  • Cubacel
    Cubacel (Cuba)
    Cubacel Father's Day Double (2x) Airtime
  • Digicel
    Digicel (Jamaica)
    Digicel Jamaica - Double (2x) & Triple (3x) Bubble
  • Digicel
    Digicel (Haiti)
    Digicel - Haiti - Double (2x) & Triple (3x) Bubble
  • H2O
    Denomination: $ 49.99 & $ 40
  • simple mobile sim card
    Simple Mobile
    Denomination: $ 40, $ 50 and $ 60
  • Page Plus
    Page Plus
    Denomination: $ 10.00 & $ 44.95
  • Regalo
    Coming Soon to Guatemala & El Salvador